weathervaneFrom the benches at our shop here in Dartmouth, MA., come some of the nicest quality weathervanes made anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves in our ability to produce fine quailty custom bodied copper weathervanes at a moderate price.
All Cape Cod Cupola weathervanes are made by the craftspeople at Cape Cod Cupola Co. Each weathervane is meticulously handcrafted without the aid of using molds. Our craftsperson signs and dates each piece they make, and proudly stand behind their workmanship. These are the only weathervanes that come with a lifetime guarantee*.
Cape Cod Cupola has hundreds of other designs available, and we always welcome custom weathervane ideas.

We also offer a wide variety of weathervanes to keep within your budget, in aluminum and in copper.

Weathervanes are available in 5 sizes (Small, Small/Medium, Medium, Medium/Large, Large) each with appropriate size rod, directional crossarms, balls and hook lock.

If what you are looking is not within this website or our catalog, do not lose hope. We are by no means limited to these designs.

In order to assist you, our weathervanes are divided into the following categories:


Russell Terrier Weathervane
Banneret Weathervane
Country Doctor Weathervane

(birds, cats, dogs, horses, sea life, etc.)      
Model A Ford Weathervane  Witch Weathervane  Blue Heron Weathervane
(airplanes, boats, cars & trucks, motorcycles, etc.)      
Clipper Ship Weathervane Codfish Waethervane Two Retrievers on Arrow Weathervane #378   


 * Lifetime Guarantee: Cape Cod Cupola Co. promises to repair or replace, in part or in whole, any defected weathervane that was produced, signed and dated at Cape Cod Cupola Co. This guarantee covers opening seams, broken soldered joints, androd or crossarm failure. This guarantee does not cover weathervanes that have been damaged by winds in excess of 70 mph, weathervanes struck by tree branches or have been vandalized, or weathervanes that have been improperly installed. Natural copper weathervanes cannot be brought back to a "new" condition. Other finishes, such as having a clear protective coating or 23K Gold leaf are guaranteed for 5 years.